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Have you ever wondered if...

Someone steals your company's vital information such as customers, prices, products, formulations, projects, reports and data?

For Cybersecurity Appolo has 4 services to offer:

1. One Day - Free Test, test your systems for a day with one of our experts to get an idea of your data security level, benchmarking with other companies in the same industry.

2. Internal Systems Audit, the end goal is to provide a final document with the current situation of your company cybersecurity, for: file sharing, internal systems (ERP, CRM), internal and external network, security controls, architecture, telecommunications, internal information:

3. Attack Prevention Plan, implementation plan of the best practices in the market to minimize attacks, software/hardware to control the network, among other improvement activities dependent on auditing.

4. Backup Critical Information, data recovery plan before cyber attack. What is intended is to have implemented a backup system that allows that after the attack it is possible to restore all the necessary information.

Did you know that 65% of hacker attacks target small and medium businesses?

In 2020, we saw many fast changes on a global scale as organizations around the world tried to adapt to a new normal caused by the pandemic. There are several types of cyberattacks, with the most recent forecast predicting that from 2022 on, 2 out of 5 companies have already been attacked.

Some examples of companies recently attacked during the year 2021:

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